Better design is

more beautiful.

Design is more than aesthetics. As designers, we all have a significant impact on the world around us.


Design can create new ideas, raise awareness, influence behavior and reduce waste. It can achieve a more liberal, communicative, democratic and livable environment.


Therefore, products and processes should not only be beautifully, but also carefully and well designed.

In our understanding good design has various facets, such as functionality, quality, simplicity, protection of resources, power efficiency, waste prevention, longevity, economic feasibility and social justice.


We do not intend to create perfection, but successively and sustainably improve the existing design.

It is our aim to push forward the actual topic of the project and to develop a meaningful value for the community.



What we have CREATED so FAR

What we are good at

Getting involved.


First we listen. Then we get involved.

We work on contents, develop strategies, discuss, advise and support.





Thinking evolutionary.


We want to create more than beautiful things. It only makes sense to develop something that is intended for evolution. Design should push forward the actual theme of the project and thus the community.


Visualizing things

that do not exist yet.


We can conceptualise visions and goals, draw, construct, convince with images, build models and release energy.


Crossing disciplines.


We work interdisciplinary in communication-, furniture, product, interior- and service design.

We investigate, analyze, recognize, reflect, design, test, evaluate and improve. This process can be applied in different areas. If necessary, we can draw on the knowledge of representatives of other disciplines, such as anthropologists, educators or acousticians.


















Anna Maislinger

& Michael Schwab

We both studied design and product management at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg for five years. In addition to our economic and creative abilities and skills, we benefit from Michael‘s previous artisanal training at the school for carpentry in Hallein and years of practical experience.

We traveled a lot, have left our comfort zone and broaden our horizons.

Together we are ideally prepared for complex tasks and are looking forward to growing with them personally.


We share

our principles,

curiosity and love.







Creativity needs freedom.

The creative process can not be forced. It requires mental, temporal and spatial freedom.

Therefore, we particularly enjoy cooperations with open-minded people.


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